Tips For Increasing & Measuring Impact

Let’s face facts - CPD presentations are about prompting action.

Simply turning up, speaking, and then dishing out the sandwiches serves little purpose for you or for your audience.

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B2B Video Has Lost Its Mojo

Do you remember the first time you received an email? Exciting, wasn’t it?

What about the first text message? Yep – I remember that too…

And while this may age me, I recall sending my first fax and uttering to a colleague, “That’s it – we’ve...

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Amending Presentations For Different Audiences

The art of internal communication is often about ensuring that you share a core message across your organisation in a consistent manner.

Unfortunately, the net result of this aim is that internal presentations often become very ‘safe’ - a bit...

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Harnessing The Power Of The Pitch Presentation

Simply uttering the word ‘presentation’ can send some perfectly rational people into a tizzy.

The thought of stepping in front of an audience sets the heart racing, the stomach churning and the mind completely frazzled.

This (all too frequent)...

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