My Audience Is Comatose - Where Are People Going Wrong With Presentation Preparation?


Dear Eyeful,

I have a problem... my boss.

Now, don't get me wrong. She's fantastic to work with most of the time (she even gets her fair share of tea rounds in), but she has one failing that is driving me to the edge of sanity - giving me...

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Jazzing Up For Your Perfect Slide Design

Part of my job, as a senior presentation designer here at Eyeful, is to create visually impactful slides to aid the presenter as they take their audience on a journey that should follow a clear pathway. In this guise, we see a recurring issue...

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My Audience Is Comatose & Other Presentation Problems - Introduction



An often-quoted stat is that presentations feature remarkably high up the list of common phobias. Indeed, many of these (slightly arbitrary) lists put fear of public speaking above fear of death, prompting Jay Leno to quip ‘I guess we’d...

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