Warning – The Following Presentation Contains Flashing Images

You have a sneaking suspicion that your presentation is a little, um, dull.

You’ve hacked away at the text.

You’ve fiddled with the images.

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The (Sales) Power Of Toolkit Presentations

Are you blowing your sales chances on the first date..?

Picture the scene…

After much time wooing a wonderful potential partner, they agree to a first date. You sit down, pour the wine and then you start talking…and talking…and talking. You throw...

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Eyeful Stories: The FM Company

Customer Sector: Facilities Management

Presentation Type: Sales Presentation

Timescale: 6 weeks from initial engagement to roll-out

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Hitting The Snooze Button

You can see your audience fighting sleep. Their eyelids heavy, heads nodding (but not in a good way) and yawns being muffled.

You begin to suspect that your presentation is the root cause of this mass-snoozefest. Is the message not on point? Is...

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The Importance Of Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You wouldn’t turn up to an important meeting, interview, or pitch wearing an old pair of jeans and a scruffy T-shirt. You may have heard it many times before, but the ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ cliché stands up to...

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Your Audience Don't Deserve You

You’ve sweated long and hard over your presentation. You’ve convinced yourself that the hours of preparation, rehearsal and anxiety attacks were going to be worth it. Visions of a standing ovation kept you going.

And then the reality of your...

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Hard Lessons Learned On The Hidden Costs Of Presentation Developments


Many years ago, in a pre-Eyeful life, I was given the fantastic opportunity to head up a cracking team of developers, salespeople and marketeers to launch a ground-breaking product into Europe on behalf of our US parents.

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Eyeful Stories: The Coffee Company

Customer Sector: Food & Beverage

Presentation Type: Pitch Presentation

Timescale: 2 weeks from initial engagement to pitch presentation

The Background:

Launching into a new marketplace is always a challenge. That challenge is even bigger when you...

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Drowning Your Audience In Data

You didn’t have time to prepare properly for your presentation so you’ve decided to go down the ‘throw enough information at them and some of it will stick’ route.

Your poor audience are now drowning in data. Much of it irrelevant, almost all of...

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