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The Unexpected Outcome of Lockdown

There is no getting around it, the lockdown safety measures have had a fundamental effect on our society. It has changed almost every aspect of our day to day lives; how we interact with friends and family, decisions we make around what is...

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Delivering CPD Presentations Remotely

Okay, so lots of us are stuck at home at the moment. We're unable to do many of the things we would usually do or work the way we're used to working. Normality has, for the time being, been flipped on its head. We're having to adapt much of our...

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The Onus is on the Sales Presenter

We asked Eyeful’s MD, Simon Morton, to share some thoughts and ideas around sales presentations in the weird new world we find ourselves in. Here’s what he had to say…

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Wrapping up the year

It’s that time of the year when the Eyeful team gather to eat our body weight in chocolates and proudly wear remarkably garish jumpers.

It’s also a time to reflect on 2019 and thank those people who have made it a special year (that’ll be...

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Let's Talk About Storytelling in Sales

As a PowerPoint Design Agency, we know the sales game isn't what it used to be. The days of a salesman turning up on your doorstep and charming you into buying his must-have stuff are gone.

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Eyeful's 10-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Internal Presentation

The internal presentation; the one that’s going to inspire your team, motivate the sales guys or maybe deliver the news everyone has been hoping for.

Whatever the reason for your internal presentation we want to help you make it great, make sure...

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What your CRM strategy says about the value of your presentations

We recently decided to overhaul our CRM system…and so started the long process of engaging vendors, reviewing options and spending endless hours debating data sets.

Once we found a vendor and agreed commercial terms, the process of implementing...

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Aaargh! My Eyes!

You’ve always fancied yourself as a creative type. From the innovative interior design colour schemes at home through to your eye-catching wardrobe, you’ve always been at the vanguard of arresting design.

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Aaargh! Dealing With Presentation Emergencies

Even the best laid plans can awry...

It might be a colleague who falls sick just before the big pitch, relying on you to jump to their rescue and deliver the presentation. Or maybe your kindly boss lets you know at the last minute that he or she...

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Eyeful Stories: The Logistics Company

Customer Sector: Transportation

Presentation Type: Internal Comms Presentation

Timescale: 4 weeks from initial engagement to roll-out

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