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Why #PresentBetter Is More Important Than Ever

I started Eyeful Presentations 15 years ago to help fix a major problem - business presentations simply weren't up to scratch.

A lot has changed since then...

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Eyeful Stories: The Coffee Company

Customer Sector: Food & Beverage

Presentation Type: Pitch Presentation

Timescale: 2 weeks from initial engagement to pitch presentation

The Background:

Launching into a new marketplace is always a challenge. That challenge is even bigger when you...

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Ignoring My Dad's Advice, Time & Time Again...

I remember sharing my first (and, admittedly, very flaky) business plan with my father. At the time, he held a senior role within a large investment bank and enjoyed all the trappings that come with such a role – a very capable PA, around the...

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How The Presentation Paradox Cost One Company $14 Billion

I have often joked that should our marketing team ever run short of leads, the best course of action would be to head directly to the nearest Starbucks or Costa at around 9ish on any work day. Read More

The Unconsciously Incompetent Presenter - The Case For Ongoing Presenter Training

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself"

Leo Tolstoy

There are legions of zombies presenting at business events and meetings across the world right now. These zombies tend to be pretty benign, but chances are...

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What A Car Ad Tells Us About Death By PowerPoint And The Presentation Holy Trinity

PowerPoint gets truly dreadful press. Tap the phrase 'Death by PowerPoint' into a search engine and you get over 134 million results. There are books, videos, blogs and TED Talks all dedicated to the topic. Dig a little deeper and search...

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The Biggest Reason Your Fancy New Sales Presentation Will Fail

What ensures the success of a sales presentation? If you're a regular reader of our blog, you'd expect us to talk about the clarity of message, understanding of audience, and valuable visuals. And of course, all of those things are important....

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My Name Is Simon... And I'm An Anxious Presenter

There are many upsides to working in the presentation sector – a steady flow of new and interesting projects, incredibly grateful clients and the opportunity to spread your creative wings on a daily basis. There is, however, one sizeable downside...

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Stop Listening To Your Colleagues

Colleagues. Co-workers. Peers. Whatever you choose to call them, there's no doubt that they form an important part of what makes your working day tick.

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Tips For Increasing & Measuring Impact

Let’s face facts - CPD presentations are about prompting action.

Simply turning up, speaking, and then dishing out the sandwiches serves little purpose for you or for your audience.

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