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Accessing Hidden Stakeholders – A Perennial Sales Headache

B2B sales cycles have evolved to the point where the part played by the ‘traditional sales presentation’ is almost unrecognisable. Lines have become blurred with multiple decision makers engaged throughout an extended sales process. At each key...

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Presentation Training Done The Right Way

Presentation training is a bit like swimming. You can read the books, watch the videos and have an intimate understanding of the theory…but you never really learn until you dip your toe in and have a go.

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We asked the great and good from Eyeful to share their tips for creating the most compelling and engaging presentations. The series covers a range of topics, from the creative to the practical, all of which play an important role in ensuring your...

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A lot has been written about business presentations and how to get them just right.

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Time to Step Away from the PowerPoint

An oft-quoted statistic is that over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day.

That's a vast number of slides, bullet points and transitions being thrown at unsuspecting audiences every day. I may be going out on a limb, but I...

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10-20-30 - Still relevant in 2020?

Everyone loves to give advice. How to best train your dog, prune your roses or break your park run PB. Everyone has words of wisdom to impart…

Some of this advice sticks and becomes widely adopted wisdom. Some of it quickly fails and is never...

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So, when do we all go back to 'in-person' events?

Unlocking the lockdown is all people want to talk about.

When will it happen?

What will it look like?

How the heck are we going to do it?

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The 3 C's - The Missing Part in Presentation Success

2020 marks the 15th birthday of Eyeful in the presentation creation sector.

During this time, trends have come and gone, styles have adapted, and audiences and stakeholders have drastically altered the way they view presentations.

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Remote Presentations - Rediscovering The Human Touch

Picture the scene (and for those of you in a happy relationship, this may take some doing). You’re single and looking for love, so after much cajoling from your friends, you’ve signed up on a dating site. After reviewing countless profiles, you...

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The (Presentation) Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth...

This missive comes to you from a charming TexMex restaurant in San Antonio airport. The unpronounceable mound of tortillas, chicken and guacamole in front of me is helping me decompress after 3 solid days of presentation geekiness. You see, the...

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