Delivering CPD Presentations Remotely

Okay, so lots of us are stuck at home at the moment. We're unable to do many of the things we would usually do or work the way we're used to working. Normality has, for the time being, been flipped on its head. We're having to adapt much of our efforts to suit this new "norm", and this includes how we create and share our CPD presentations.

Some people are struggling with the concept of staying at home, educating the kids, and juggling their workloads simultaneously. But, on the bright side, this is the perfect time for a lot of us to learn new things, absorb fresh information, and educate ourselves on those topics we always wanted to explore but never quite found the time to do so.

This is why you, as a company, would benefit from using this time to your advantage. Take this unique opportunity to feed your hungry audience the information they so desperately want.

Delivering CPD Presentations Remotely

Your audience is waiting for you to teach them

It may be tempting to dig out those age-old CPD presentations and show them to your audience as-is. However, as with many aspects of our lives at the moment, it is necessary to adapt those presentations to appeal to current remote working conditions. A face-to-face presentation is a completely different medium to an online presentation. Surroundings are different, availability of time is different, and communication is different.

Confused? Don't worry. I'm going to walk you through the most impactful ways you can deliver your CPDs remotely.


Get The Timing Right

You're working full-time from home and helping your kids with their school-work, both while attempting to keep on top of the housework. Chances are, dedicating a whole hour to yourself to learn something new is going to be challenging. When we're at home with multiple people around us, concentrating is difficult. And, in a room filled with distractions, trying to absorb new information will be neither fun nor productive.

To make things easier for your audience, break that normally hour-long presentation down. Present it in smaller, easier-to-digest chunks so that your audience isn't bombarded with new information. You can spread it over two or three sessions instead of sharing everything all at once. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging. Follow up with more in-depth content that your audience can dive into when it's convenient. This method will be a much more impactful way of educating your at-home audience.


Follow-Up Content; Ditch The Slides

For your follow-up content, I would go as far as to say that without the element of a presentation speaker, slides should be avoided completely.

And I'll tell you why...

As a PowerPoint design agency, we know that presentation slides are not meant to be a stand-alone form of information-sharing. The point of slides is to work alongside a speaker to act as a visual aid and to summarise key points of information. Without a speaker or presenter to explain your concepts, you will not be able to provide enough information on your slides to cover your area in-depth. If you did try to do so, the excessive amount of information would be far too overwhelming. It wouldn't be visually appealing or engaging.

While we're ditching the slides, we need to dig down deep inside ourselves and find that spark of creativity. After years of working on presentation creation, it's easy to get lost in the mind-set that slides are the be all and end all of CPD presentations.

They're not.

Think outside the box by taking certain visuals and points from your slides and incorporate them into other mediums like infographics and short videos. You can even create a PowerPoint presentation or Word Document that is designed to put the information you've shared so far into context.

Bottom line: don't limit yourself by simply sharing slides. There are so many other ways to sustain the information you're sharing with your audience and slides are probably the worst way to do it remotely.


Be The Expert

At this time of uncertainty, your audience is looking to you to be the strong provider of information and knowledge. The information you present in your CPDs needs to be reliable, accurate, and truthful. It would be a good idea to check the guidelines of your governing body before you make that transition from offline to online presentations. Make sure everything is up-to-scratch and as it should be. 

The key thing to remember during this transition is that building brand loyalty and trust are what's going to keep your audience coming back for more. It's what will set you apart from your competitors and earn you some all-important custom when the time comes for things to go back to normal.

To build brand loyalty, there are several extremely important points to keep in mind throughout your presentation:

  • Your expertise will prevail - When someone has a problem, they go to an expert for their opinion or advice. If you present yourself as an expert in your niche, you will encourage trust in your brand. Deliver information with real advice that your audience can take away and act upon.
  • Communication is vital - Your audience may have questions about the material you've shared or have a comment or suggestion in relation to it. Ensure you maintain open communication and consistently respond to questions and comments.
  • Reinforce Your Brand Image - Your image is what makes you stand out from competitors. To build brand loyalty, it's necessary for your audience to be able to recognise you! Just because you're changing the way you deliver your CPD presentations, doesn't mean you change your brand image. Incorporate your brand's existing logo, colours, style, and tone of voice into your CPD presentations. Consistently be your authentic self.
  • Be Human - Nobody wants to do business with a corporate robot. Now, more than ever, you need to focus on making your remote presentation as human as possible. We've written a whole post about incorporating that "human touch" into remote presentations. You might want to take a look!

Once your audience knows and trusts your brand, they will be more confident about turning to you with further issues down the line. You will gain a reputation for being in-the-know when it comes to your niche. This is why building brand loyalty is such an essential aspect for any business model and why CPD presentations are perfect for building it!


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