Well done Mr Andrew Murray!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a very big umbrella) you’ll know that Andy Murray’s win at the weekend has finally made him the number 1 tennis player on the planet!

It’s taken him a long time, a huge amount of effort, and no little talent to get there…

Since Murray turned pro in 2005, the No 1 spot in tennis has been dominated by three giants of the sport in Federer, Nadal and the man Murray has finally eclipsed… Novak Djokavic.

Whilst Murray has been busy on his quest for world domination in tennis, Eyeful have been set on their own mission for presentation greatness…

#PresentBetter is a simple aspiration – as the name suggests our quest is to simply help our customers present better!

It’s no secret that most business presentations aren’t particularly good. They’re often old corporate decks that are rushed through, with enough last-minute tweaking to seriously undermine brand guidelines and any hint of a message or call to action.

It’s incredibly frustrating to us when we see such presentations delivered at important events… because we know how powerful the alternative can be.

So, if presenting better sounds like a good idea (and why wouldn’t it?) inspiration can be found in Andy Murray’s rise to the top…

To say Murray prepares well is an understatement. He practices for hours on end every single day to be the absolute best he can be…

Working on your presentations all day, every day probably isn’t realistic. But leaving it until the last minute isn’t preparing for greatness either. You need to find a balance.

The opportunity to present is a privilege and your audience deserves that you spend sufficient time on your presentation’s message and structure so that it resonates and connects with them.

You can download one of our most powerful presentation structures, The Audience Pathway, here.

This year Murray won an astonishing 25 consecutive matches on his journey to No1, beating the very best the world could throw at him.

Imagine having such a level of consistent performance, where every single time you present the audience is wowed and responds favourably…

It is possible…

Here at Eyeful HQ we merrily spend our days helping our customers to create truly engaging presentations; presentations that resonate with their audiences; presentations that deliver results.

Murray’s team consists of coaches Ivan Lendl and Jamie Delgado, as well as fitness trainer Matt Little…all helping him to stay fit, sharp and successful.

Eyeful are your all-round presentation support team…

We work around the clock, push hard for the right information and have the specialist knowledge to make sure when you deliver, you tell a compelling presentation story.

We support you with whatever presentation training you need, from how to craft convincing stories, to teaching you how to create presentations with the latest tech. We’ll even teach you how to stand and deliver the perfect presentation, ensuring that you really connect and engage with your audiences.

#PresentBetter is a simple message, but a complex undertaking.

It’s taken over a decade of effort, innovation and challenging the norm for Eyeful to become Europe’s leading presentation design company.

Creating world-class presentations is now something we do every single day.

With the right presentation support team, you too can #PresentBetter every single time…