5 Public Speaking Tips for 2020

Sometimes we invite friends of ours to share their thoughts and ideas. The folk at VBQ Speakers are a case in point – we hope you find their top tips for Public Speaking helpful.

Even if public speaking comes naturally to you, there’s always...

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From Presentations to Pole Vault

Our talented Eyefulite and Account Director, Jack Phipps, is busy pole vaulting to new heights when he isn’t dealing with presentations. Recently, I was able to sit down with him to find out more about what he does and how he manages to fit it...

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Say 'Hello' to our New Eyefulites

This week, we have been lucky enough to welcome four newbies to our incredible, ever-growing team here at Eyeful. Please join us in welcoming Gemma, Stuart & Ben as Junior Designers and Rowena as a Marketing Intern.

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Wrapping up the year

It’s that time of the year when the Eyeful team gather to eat our body weight in chocolates and proudly wear remarkably garish jumpers.

It’s also a time to reflect on 2019 and thank those people who have made it a special year (that’ll be...

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Let's Talk About Storytelling in Sales

As a PowerPoint Design Agency, we know the sales game isn't what it used to be. The days of a salesman turning up on your doorstep and charming you into buying his must-have stuff are gone.

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Eyeful's 10-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Internal Presentation

The internal presentation; the one that’s going to inspire your team, motivate the sales guys or maybe deliver the news everyone has been hoping for.

Whatever the reason for your internal presentation we want to help you make it great, make sure...

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What your CRM strategy says about the value of your presentations

We recently decided to overhaul our CRM system…and so started the long process of engaging vendors, reviewing options and spending endless hours debating data sets.

Once we found a vendor and agreed commercial terms, the process of implementing...

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The (Presentation) Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth...

This missive comes to you from a charming TexMex restaurant in San Antonio airport. The unpronounceable mound of tortillas, chicken and guacamole in front of me is helping me decompress after 3 solid days of presentation geekiness. You see, the...

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A Dash of Data is The Recipe for Success


3 steps to help you integrate data as a regular part of your presentation strategy

Data is a tricky field to navigate across many businesses. It can be a source of conflict within business senior leadership, whether down to an ingrained...

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Just Keep Running...


I’m sorry, I’m one of those people. We wear fluorescent t-shirts and garish trainers. You see us on your commute, pounding the pavement, faces alight with equal pain and pleasure. And you hear us – well - all the time, because we do not shut up.

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