Hard Lessons Learned On The Hidden Costs Of Presentation Developments


Many years ago, in a pre-Eyeful life, I was given the fantastic opportunity to head up a cracking team of developers, salespeople and marketeers to launch a ground-breaking product into Europe on behalf of our US parents.

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How Close To Perfect Does Practice Get You?

After hours, maybe even weeks or months, of preparation developing the perfect presentation, you now have your finished slides ready to be delivered to your awaiting audience. The message is powerful, the design is perfect and the content is...

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Choosing The Right Story For Your Audience

The world today is full of distractions. Technology, work practices and the general hubbub of life means that attracting and engaging an audience has never been so difficult.

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Top 3 TED Presentations That Demonstrate The Power Of Storytelling

Finding that hook for your next story can be challenging, but this time and effort is a vital step on the journey to presentation success. The net result is a presentation story that gets to the heart of the message you want your audience to...

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What A Car Ad Tells Us About Death By PowerPoint And The Presentation Holy Trinity

PowerPoint gets truly dreadful press. Tap the phrase 'Death by PowerPoint' into a search engine and you get over 134 million results. There are books, videos, blogs and TED Talks all dedicated to the topic. Dig a little deeper and search...

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Challenging Customers

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better."

Jeff Bezos 

Chief Executive Officer, Amazon

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My Name Is Simon... And I'm An Anxious Presenter

There are many upsides to working in the presentation sector – a steady flow of new and interesting projects, incredibly grateful clients and the opportunity to spread your creative wings on a daily basis. There is, however, one sizeable downside...

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Sandberg, Branson & The Two Jeffs Cannot Save Your Presentation

I like Sheryl Sandberg... a lot. Of course, there's lots to admire - the extraordinary career, the fundamental fairness of her ideas in Lean In and, above all, her unblinking honesty.

It was this honesty that underpinned her heartfelt message...

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Stop Listening To Your Colleagues

Colleagues. Co-workers. Peers. Whatever you choose to call them, there's no doubt that they form an important part of what makes your working day tick.

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Today’s webinar : Business success through online meetings


Ok, hands up who has ever done any of these things when attending a webinar?

Checked emailContinued workingScanned through your Facebook feedLogged off due to the dire content

It isn’t surprising when most 

webinars are incessantly...

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