The Missing Piece of The CPD Puzzle

CPD presentations can be divisive things – some love them for the value-added conversations they spark with their idea audience profile, others loath them because they are a time-consuming distraction to an already pressurised sales team.

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Delivering CPD Presentations Remotely

Okay, so lots of us are stuck at home at the moment. We're unable to do many of the things we would usually do or work the way we're used to working. Normality has, for the time being, been flipped on its head. We're having to adapt much of our...

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Tips For Increasing & Measuring Impact

Let’s face facts - CPD presentations are about prompting action.

Simply turning up, speaking, and then dishing out the sandwiches serves little purpose for you or for your audience.

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Engaging Technical Audiences

Like all audiences your CPD presentation will be delivered to a real mix of audience types.  Chances are that because you're delivering a technical presentation your audience is likely to be more technical than most.

With this in mind, how can...

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