What your CRM strategy says about the value of your presentations

We recently decided to overhaul our CRM system…and so started the long process of engaging vendors, reviewing options and spending endless hours debating data sets.

Once we found a vendor and agreed commercial terms, the process of implementing...

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A Dash of Data is The Recipe for Success


3 steps to help you integrate data as a regular part of your presentation strategy

Data is a tricky field to navigate across many businesses. It can be a source of conflict within business senior leadership, whether down to an ingrained...

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Where Are You Going Wrong When Adding Data to Your Presentation?

3 tips for data storytelling success

We've never had more data available at our fingertips than we do today. While this is exciting, it can also present a dilemma to business leaders – how do you filter out the noise and crunch the data to find...

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Eyeful Announces Latest Insights Study - Data Is The Story

Data plays an increasingly important role in how today’s audiences engage with presentations. In an age of cynicism and ‘fake news’, the use of data to support your message has never been under more scrutiny or held more sway.

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