Aaargh! My Eyes!

You’ve always fancied yourself as a creative type. From the innovative interior design colour schemes at home through to your eye-catching wardrobe, you’ve always been at the vanguard of arresting design.

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Mayday Mayday - We're Lost

Well, nobody threw anything. It looks like you got through the presentation relatively unscathed. Yes, there were a few yawns and some puzzled looks halfway through but that’s to be expected when you’re presenting such complex material, right?

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Glossary Not Included

You’ve galvanised the audience with some ‘blue sky thinking’, prompting them to ‘think outside the box’ through a series of ‘thought showers’. This is the moment where ‘shift happens’ and you join up with your audience to take on the challenges...

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Why #PresentBetter Is More Important Than Ever

I started Eyeful Presentations 15 years ago to help fix a major problem - business presentations simply weren't up to scratch.

A lot has changed since then...

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Warning – The Following Presentation Contains Flashing Images

You have a sneaking suspicion that your presentation is a little, um, dull.

You’ve hacked away at the text.

You’ve fiddled with the images.

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Hitting The Snooze Button

You can see your audience fighting sleep. Their eyelids heavy, heads nodding (but not in a good way) and yawns being muffled.

You begin to suspect that your presentation is the root cause of this mass-snoozefest. Is the message not on point? Is...

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Your Audience Don't Deserve You

You’ve sweated long and hard over your presentation. You’ve convinced yourself that the hours of preparation, rehearsal and anxiety attacks were going to be worth it. Visions of a standing ovation kept you going.

And then the reality of your...

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Drowning Your Audience In Data

You didn’t have time to prepare properly for your presentation so you’ve decided to go down the ‘throw enough information at them and some of it will stick’ route.

Your poor audience are now drowning in data. Much of it irrelevant, almost all of...

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